WTS Khador Army

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WTS Khador Army

Post by funkeemonkee on Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:57 pm

hi guys,

reason for selling: cannot commit - too many other models.
I'm selling my Khador army, here's my list

will upload some pics when i get home later.

1. supreme komander irusk - 70% painted = RM60 SOLD
2. normal butcher - only base colors = RM35
3. khador doggy = RM30

4. Devastator - painted, only not based =RM90 TRADED
5. Drago - unassembled = RM 160 TRADED

5x metal shock troopers - fully painted - unbased = RM180
3x demo troopers - fully painted - unbased = RM 120
1x drakhun.. can't remember the name. fully painted - unbased. = RM80
a squad of widow makers (primed by unpainted) = RM55 SOLD
1x marksman (primed by unpainted) = RM30

buy the lot I throw in the carry case with card folder.

you can see some of my paint jobs here
for more detailed images please pm me or you can call me

Chris: 0123678430

thanks for your interest.

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