Tekanan steps down as an admin of Warmachine Malaysia

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Tekanan steps down as an admin of Warmachine Malaysia

Post by Tekanan on Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:00 pm


Approximately 2-3 years ago, Warmachine’s fortunes changed with the Mk.II update and it was FINALLY the up-and-coming game in the tabletop game market. Unfortunately, many ex-players left the game and unlike Warhammer 40k, there just wasn’t a centralised community to chat and mingle around with anything relating to Warmachine. Warmachine was seen as a game with huge potential and locally, it can certainly reach respectable heights if there was simply more chit-chat, events and a dedicated community about it.

On 27th May 2010, with the creation of the Forum, Warmachine Malaysia (WMM) was officially launched with the concept of a nation-wide community where WM players around the nation (i.e. Sabah, Melaka, Selangor, etc) can meet up in one centeralised place to discuss anything WM related. Due to WM being in its infancy in Malaysia, the initiative to further the cause was to increase player base and more importantly, increase face time amongst the tabletop gaming community. Since the community creation, there were some high points, low points, agreements, disagreements and mistakes being made. Nevertheless, the success of the group today could not have happened without some very dedicated members in furthering WMM’s cause. As of today, we have 71 followers (taken from Forum stats) and this number continually grows.

Due to work, I should soon be based in Brunei once again. This time, for a lengthy period of time. Although I can still come back for short period of breaks, it will be tough to organise events, help the group to socialise, move people around, etc. After some deep thoughts, I have finally came to a conclusion that I will step down from any further event & gathering plannings. I had some really good plans for this year like the running a campaign, a terrain day re-visited, social events, etc. Furthermore, I’m also stepping down as the Admin for WMM FB Group Page and the Forum (There are a couple of people who still joins the forum, but lack of activity has prompted me to inform them to get more details at the FB Group Page). With immediate effect, all admin-based duties shall be requested to the remaining admins.

I had lots of fun doing this and have really learnt a lot that can be applicable to real world situations. I wish the very best to the people who have taken the initiative in organising and planning further events from now on.

Majulah Warmachine Malaysia!



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