Skorne For sAle!!

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Skorne For sAle!!

Post by DemoNSquiD on Wed Nov 10, 2010 7:51 pm

Models are priced according to normal to retail. I think so~

Skorne Army:-


Epic Moghoul -Bare -70
Prime Moghoul -Painted -50
Prime Makeda -Painte -50
Prime Xerxis -Painted - 85


Venators Unit -Bare -110
Preatorian Unit + 1 blister -Painted -145


Bronzeback Titan -Based -175
2x Cyclops Savage -Painted -120
1 Cyclops Brute -Painted -70
Basilik Drake -Based -55
Basilik Krea -Painted -55


Ancestral Guardian -Painted -45
Agonizer -Panited -45
Master Tormenter -Based -35

Total- 1110 Plus 800 (painted service) =1910

With high standard painting service already done that cost -880

Super Discounted Price -900!!!
RM880 saved from painting services and RM210 from retail.

Will throw in a Totem Hunter Minion already Painted for free if take
the lot.
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